Covid 19 - Client Advisory

Our promise to YOU, we are aware that you may feel a little anxious and nervous about your visit to the salon, but team Strawberry Fields will make it an enjoyable experience!  This pandemic without a doubt has changed our day to day lives! We have made changes within the salon and this will be the new normal – until the old normal resumes! 

Please be assured we have followed all government guidelines and put all necessary precautions in place. The salon will be kept immaculate and we will be disinfecting all areas after each service for your safety.

Please read below all the relevant information before you arrive for YOUR new salon experience! 



If you or any member of your household have any symptoms of Covid-19 please call or email is to rearrange. 

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On Arrival… 

The waiting area will not be in use for the time being so please ensure you arrive on TIME for your appointment. 
If you are late you may be asked to reschedule and you may be charged for this missed appointment. 
Although it’s been a long time since we have seen you, we can not give you a hug or shake your hand.

Track & Trace AND face-masks... 

On arrival, we will have to take your temperature and you will have to sign IN and OUT of the salon. This is to comply with the government's track and trace system, and it will help keep our staff and clients safe.   
Please bring a face mask to your appointment, however, please be prepared to sacrifice the mask during your appointment. Especially for your colour services or if you have it cut around your ears! 
If you forget your mask we will have some masks available to purchase in the salon.

Drinks & Magazines… 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refreshments and reading material. Please bring your own! Don’t forget we have WiFi you can make full use of.

Equipment, Gowns, towels and Hands…

As ALWAYS each client will have a clean gown and clean towels for each service. All our equipment is sterilised ready for every client.
You will need to sanitise your hands before entering the building and on your departure. Hand sanitiser will be provided. All staff members will wash their hands before each appointment.

Your appointment & your service…  

Please come to your appointment alone, as we need to restrict the number of people in the salon.   
As it has been 3 months since your last appointment, some of you may have coloured your hair, some of you may have cut your own hair! 
(don’t you worry! We won’t judge!!) And In order to get your hair out of the “lockdown look” our prices will be going up as we have to allow more time for each service. This will bring us in line with other salons around the area.  


 We have upped our contactless to £45.00 and we accept all major debit and credit cards. Card machines will be sanitised after every use.

Social distancing…  

Although we can not social distance in our line of work, please abide by the arrows and directions within the salon. This will help keep us safe. 

Last but not least…   

If you need to visit the little girls and boys room… please tell a member of staff, as after every visit the bathroom needs to be completely disinfected. 

If you have any questions and queries about how the salon will operate please give us a call or drop us an email! 

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all soon! 
Love team strawberry Fields 

PS - don’t forget your face masks!